Thursday, June 11, 2009

Washington DC

Well, here's a part of America, no...the heart actually, the land of Obama & Michelle, the darkies, of contradictions, of lies, of conspiracies...etc, etc. And among all this, cherry blossoms seem to cover it all up in what seems like beautiful pink clouds (Mimita alone will get this).

They probably stole them from Asia!

I do have to apologize for clumsy photos, but to make a long story short...I was sick and I didn't feel inspired by the scenery to get out of the car and get decent content yourself with these, being that honestly...there's not much else anyway to see!

Furthering the story of my being I was told it was summer in the US, so I pack for summer, getting here I meet with humid ice cold weather and rain! What a GREAT first impression! And to top it off, the first day there's sunny and warm weather...guess what happens to me? Yep...dead sick! I think I even fainted that day later on, and I didn't even get out of the car. Chris was warning me not to go to Washington being that it was totally overated, I should have listened to her!

There were soooooooo many people there that day it was impossible to get clear shot (from the car...heh).

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