Tuesday, June 9, 2009

US and A

Some know, others are yet ignorant of the fact that Pablo and I are currently in the USA. People have asked me how it's been as it is my first time up here, and well the answer is simple: Overated! Americans are fat, everything is built the same, people living in cars since nobody walks...like ever! Everything is so far apart from the other - massively spread out, no one ever dresses well, tasteless foods everywhere...and yet, there are its charms, charms that seem to charm everyone to stay once they get up here. As for me, I too have been charmed, but in a very distictive way. You will find that my facinations for the US lie in those simple pleasures that one can buy, here and not in South America! Books to begin, specifically my kind of classics, are everywhere if one looks, and cheap as well as old, hard-cover and original looking! To some this might mean nothing...to me it's charming.


Pseew said...

God Bless America!

Virginia Victoria said...

You Canadian!!! Could only be you to have said that!!!

Pseew said...

America the GREAT has adopted me!