Friday, June 12, 2009


I have no words to express the excitement of arriving that night in NYC, and so I'll use Thomas Wolfe's own words: "One belongs to NY instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years!" Walking down 52nd street, Times Square, it felt like I was in a movie! And in fact that night they had cleared the streets in that area for a movie!

Getting off the ferry boat, arriving at the Battery Park, on the southern tip of Manhattan, there's THE SPHERE, which is a sculpture that was recovered from the World Trade Center site. On the first anniversary of the September 11 incident, Mayor Michael Bloomberg lit the Eternal Flame which will be relocated to the World Trade Center location when the memorial is completed.
We went all over the place that night, I believe we also hit 3 or 2 different bars before heading back to Mike's place where we were staying. I am so sorry there aren't more photos, this is one time in which I wanted to see everything with my own eyes, and not the camera's. There was just too much to see! We went to bed at around 4:00am that night and up the next day eager to see the rest we could in just one day!

The famous Wall Street bull, from the financial district!
The 3 1/2 ton bronze statue of a "Charging Bull" was sculptor Arturo Di Modica's artistic statement about the stock market's Black Monday in Oct 1987. Without permission, Di Modica placed the bull on Wall Street in 1989. It was moved a few blocks southwest to Bowling Green Park at the end of Broadway
Did you know that the reason why the Bull's testicals are brilliantly burnished is from the hands of myriad stockbrokers rubbing it every day for luck on their way to work!!!?

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