Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A long day to Playa Del Carmen

A tired look from a long day of taking buses, beach in the next town, a lot of walking from early morning to night...and yet completely satisfied with the day!


Going through the hotels by the bay.

Goofy pose

Pablo taking a nap at Frida Khalo's house...kidding.
Some other Mexican Hacienda.

Tomando um solzinho basico...

By the streets of Playa del Carmen, these things were being sold fresh and alive, yucky.

Playa del Carmen street art

Me at Mamita beach!!!!

I love this photo because of the painting hanging on the wall of this adorable Mexican hostel.

Babe bribing some guy at Playa Mamita, as he tanned.

Me tanning too!

Playa del Carmen, but once again another thunderstorm of a few seconds was coming in, so the water looks a bit darker than it should.

An adorable British clock by a Mexican hut.

More beautiful hotels!!!

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