Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cancun, Mexico - Caribbean Paradise!

Yes, as you can see, paradise in its purest form!
We were welcomed into our Oasis Cancun Hotel at 3pm, Wednesday afternoon after a straight flight from Chicago, the weather was incredibly hot and humid, but everything else was perfect. We checked in, had some drinks at the bar by the beach and got to know the gorgeous hotel.

That same night we all got together for diner, but we just couldn't choose out of the 11 restaurants as options for diner at the hotel. Which one...? decisions, decisions.
We had had a snack earlier by the beach's bar, so we weren't that hungry.
We decided for the Sushi restaurant, but after what we ordered, the men were still very hungry,
so we hit the Mediterranean restaurant for that night. Such is the photo above.

Enjoying our first afternoon at the beach in front of the hotel, and anticipating a thunder storm coming in the back, but that is the weather there, one second the sun's shining all over, and the next it's pouring rain!

An adorable flower photo by Ceci.

Amorzinho giving me a typical sarcastic look.

This one is by the bar at the beach, where Ceci and I are getting our first drinks of the evening, and a snack being that we were starved!

A fast shot of our Grand Oasis Cancun Hotel.
One side faced a beautiful lagoon and the other side was right in front of the Caribbean sea.

Ceci and Kevin, the sweetest couple, joined us to our trip to Cancun. Ceci came all the way from Canada and a day after her arrival we all took off to Mexico. At the hotel they were our next door neighbors, they hadn't seen each other for months, comments!

A shot of one of the hotel's pool & restaurant. May I remind you the hotel was an all inclusive one, which meant all 11 restaurants and 10 bars at our choice at any time!

The guys hanging out our first afternoon by the shores of the Caribbean!

Just some more photos of the day

Ceci and I posing by the "whatever" fish ornament.
Sorry Ceci, I know you mentioned its name like a thousand times, I just really forgot.

More photos of meeeee

I guess there will be loads more photos of moi...being that well, women are just more fun to photograph...haha. Nah, alright, I'm pretty vain - Confessed!

Ceci and Mrs. Ficca

Some interesting artifacts from the hotel.

Kevin being a total fool. I have to say though I just LOVED the paintings they had all over the hotel. They all seemed to have been painted by the same person, due to the fact that they carried the same style in sketching and the colors! I absolutely ADORED them! At some point, even tried to take one away with me...hehe

I got a rainbow!!!
Yep, that first afternoon, the sky was gorgeous after a little thunderstorm with 2 rainbows!

Some prosaic plane photos.

Apparently this is supposed to be one of Pablo's favorite shots...
I don't get it though.


Meg said...

BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL pictures on this first page!! And I really have to agree with vain Pablo for once: LOVE the first picture, "one of his favorite shots"!!!! It's amazing!

Juliet Thomson said...

Now you see why I like Mexico??

You look beautiful my love! And Carlos looks right at home...hahah love you both!

Juliet Thomson said...

Ohh I get it and i love it!

Virginia Victoria said...

you get what Juju?